Thursday, 21 June 2007

Teachers further empowering student learning through Podcasting (session 1)

ICTED 2007 (Bangkok) ... 10 Oct.2007 Session 8.30-11.30
In this session we will look at what a Podcast is, how to make one and how to host it on the internet (all for free).
A Podcast is nothing really special ... it is simply making a recording (we will do audio only not video), editing the recording, add some music and put it on the internet .... the special part about all of this is that it is now very easy to do and it is simple to learn.
We will also investigate how Podcasting can be used to support teaching and learning,
Have a look at the links below for more information .... and don't forget to click on 'comment' below to introduce yourself and let me know of any special requests you have.
I look forward to meeting you ......

Relevant Links:
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| Videos and PowerPoints about Podcasting | Videos and PowerPoints about RSS |

Nothing here yet : Chris Smith sessions in Bangkok

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